Kevans Carrion Crown

A few thoughts........

Well I don’t even know where to start. Even though I am in the constant company of some great individuals, I feel alone since my brother’s passing. Every waking hour I spend thinking about how the Whispering Way has taken everything I know away from me. The last thing that had me bound to this world, gone. After the last incident of facing the tentacle headed monster (which I think was related to those spawn monsters that attacked us in the temple in town) and the death of my brother, my hatred for the Whispering Way has reached new levels. Their utter lack of respect for life knows no bounds. They have to be stopped, somehow, someway. I hope I am strong enough to defeat them and keep my compatriots safe. Every incident that I deal with in this investigation drives me to losing my vows, to go utterly insane and lash out at the world with all of the angst and hatred that has built up inside of me for years. Everything that I have experienced from my brothers death to the parents who willingly gave their child to these creatures, to this tentacled creature that erupted from the priest has driven me to forget my vows of peace. I was always taught that there is a peaceful solution to every occasion but I am having a hard time finding these ways. I have let my rage and my hatred fuel my attacks. I have looked to kill before subduing and talking to the people involved. With the atrocities I have seen is it even possible? Torag please give me a sign or some sort of guidance. I ask of you to help me understand if there is a peaceful way to deal with these atrocities or do I continue on this path of death as the people I seek to defeat? I need to continue to look into myself or I shall lose my soul to the baser instincts and be banished from Torag’s light.



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