Kevans Carrion Crown

A letter home (2)

Hello Mother and Father,

I have received the gift you sent me, thank you for it. It’s been some time since I have seen the owls. If you send another message could you send Francis? He has always been my favorite of them.

My blade did not have to kill any town folk. The others managed to talk most of them down, I pushed a few off a ladder so they were knocked down also. Although the halfling I have been traveling with did cut one of the mob’s leaders head off. I never met a halfer that like blood shed as much as this one. I shall have to always keep an eye on that one I think. I am surprised that the Paladin didn’t do more to bring the halfling to some sort of justice. Maybe he isn’t as strong willed as I first thought, or he is afraid of the halfer.

The last part of the trial was a success and the Beast was allowed to go free. Before he left the city he invited us to came to his home and meet his “father”. We are heading there now, I am sending Bethany back with this message. I shall write you again soon.

Your loving daughter,



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