Kevans Carrion Crown

Boa's Obit

Durdan “Boa” Rockcrusher , 55, died Oathday, Sarenith 8, 4712 following a brief encounter with a Necromancer.

He leaves his brother of 57 years, Qirnas Rockcrusher and many close friends.

Born and raised in Stavronikita Monastery, in Canterwall, the son of Carl and Helene Rockcrusher.

In his early years he spent a lot of time, doing chores, training in the ways of our brotherhood and playing with snakes. After the monastery was burned down and his mother and father killed, Boa gave up his monk ways and with his brother they set out on a road of Destruction. Destruction of the Whispering Way, that is.

Little did poor Boa know that a Necromancy (probably one of the ones who helped destroy his family) would get the last laugh.

Now Qirnas, Meko, Draxel, and Bastion must avenge his death and all must donate 1,000 each, once a month, to his tomb in grand offerings or Boa will for haunt them forever (as said with his dying breath, pretty sure they heard it). They also must build him a really REALLY expensive tomb, Cornflakes would have wanted that for Boa.



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