Kevans Carrion Crown

Meko's Letter to the Order of the Dragon 2

Meko, order of the dragon

Dear Captain,
I am sad that i am writing this letter. My faithful companion Bray fell in battle to visious hound constructed of flesh and metal. I felt a bit helpless and stunned as i watched Bray fall to her death. But with great courage one of the group, a fair skinned female name Angelica, pushed the monster off the same bridge that took Bray’s life. Still distraught from my loss we set up camp. Soon after we settled down for the night. The Monster returned only to feel my blade across its throat. In the end i exacted my revenge by slaying the hideous creature.

On a more up lifting note. Our efforts to reveal the innocence of the Beast of Lipedstadt prevailed. The beast was presumed innocent. He asked us to meet his father. A journey that brought the death of my faithful Bray. I hope this Father was worth my sorrow.
Your bother in Arms



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