Kevans Carrion Crown

Meko's Letter to the Order of the Dragon 4

meko order of the dragon

Dear Captain
I regret to inform you of the untimely death of another faithful companion. I am traveling with the same heroic group i earlier wrote about. We had followed agents of the Whispering Way to the war torn city of Feldreau. There we put a stop the whispering way necromancers hold on the town. They had been drawing the souls of the once slaughtered towns folk from a mass grave. They are using the gathering souls as a component to an incantation of some sort. Once we found Vrood, the Master of this unholy act. He cast a spell of death that Bray II and one of our hero’s Boa could not withstand. Killing them both instantly. But with the heroic and vengeful actions of Boa’s brother Qirnas grappling him to the ground. I Drew my blade across his neck, separating his head from his body. Vrood had completed drawing enough innocent souls to make the item he desired. We are now on our way to Thrushmoor to stop the whispering way from gathering yet another component to complete there evil plan.
Your bother in Arms



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