Kevans Carrion Crown

Meko's Letter to the Order of the Dragon 5

Dear Captain
I am still traveling with the same heroic group I wrote about earlier. We are continuing to track down Whispering Way. I feel that all of Ustalav is in great danger, and the goal of us stopping the evil plan the Whispering Way must be taken to completion. The things i have seen in our tireless pursuit. We have stared into the face of the God Shub-Niggurath. And recovered an Artifact of Pharasma. I have seen a vision of this very group saving this land.

I have been enjoying the speed and versatility of an insect mount. I plan to train Giant Albino cave Solfiugig next. Adding this beast to my stable should keep me busy training for a few weeks. I will let you know more of our travels, and conquests once we find out what the Whispering Way is doing in Caliphas.
Your bother in Arms



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