Kevans Carrion Crown

Meko's Letter to the Order of the Dragon 6

Dear Captain
Over the last few weeks I found our group aligning with the most unlikely allies. We worked out a deal with a Dhampir named Quinley. He helped us get information on the next evil steps of the Whispering Way. In return we helped him find the killer of his vampire mother. That alignment brought us deep into the Vampire Underground. The Vampires have a vast city of their own under Caliphas. After battling our way through the sewers and storm drains Quinley arranged a meeting with Luvick, an ancient vampire. He has experienced the Whispering Way first hand in his 2,000 years of existence and was willing to tell where the cult might be heading. Our efforts exposed Radvir, one of their own, as the killer. Our final deed was to find and kill the witches that had been producing Bloodbrew elixir. An elixir that gives vampire spawn temporary free will from its creator. The witches and Radvir aligned themselves with the Whispering Way in a plan to raise the Whispering Tyrant. In our efforts to eliminate the witches my faithful companion Blue was slain.

We have recently learned that the cult fled to Renchurch a stronghold in the Haunted Highland. Their plan to bring back the Whispering Tyrant must be stopped. We may be the only ones with the power to save Ustalav and all of Humanity from this horror of the undead.

With this I employ you to send a mount worthy of such a task. We leave for the stronghold in one week. Please do your best to supply me with a new companion with the power to make a difference is our battle and effort in defeating the Whispering Way.
Your bother in Arms



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