Halfling, Cavalier / Order of the Dragon


Name: Meko
Age: 20
Race: Halfling
Class: 13 Cavalier / Order of the Dragon
AC: 27 Touch: 18 Flat-footed: 27 VS. large foe: -1 AC
Initiative: 6
Str: 18 +4
Dex: 18 +4
Con: 16 +3
Int: 14 +2
Wis: 10 0
Cha: 12 +1

Hits: 144
BAB: 13/8/3
CMB: +17 CMD: 30
CMB Charge Attack: +21 / +17 power att.
Holy keen Great Sword of undead bane +2 , Attack: +16 / +11 / +6, 17 / 20 x2, Damage: 1d10 +20 / +32(on challenge), 3d10 Improved Vital Strike, 2d6 vs undead, 2d6 vs evil, +4 additional damage Devastating Strike, +8 additional damage vs foes 2x larger than me

Traits: Outrider +2 Ride/Handel Animal, Chance Savior +2 initiative, Savannah Child +1 Knowledge Nature

Feats: Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, Precise Strike(cavalier bonus), Spirited Charge, Vital Strike, Power Attack, Devastating Strike, Improved Vital Strike, Risky Strike, Toughness

Special Abilities:
Challenge: 5/day, Allies gain +4 attack roll on the challenged creature
Tactician: 2/day, Allies within 30’ Gain Precise Strike for 7 rounds.
Aid Allies: +4 to AC, Attack, Save or Skill
Cavalier Charge: +4 on charge and do not suffer the – to AC
Banner: Allies gain +2 save vs fear, and +1 on charge Attacks
Strategy: As a standard action allies with in 30’ can gain, +2 AC, +2 Attack or immediately move their speed.
Greater Tactic: Out flank, +4 flank attack, on a crit Target provokes attack of opportunity.
Mighty Charge: On charge, Double threat range and gain a free bull rush, disarm sunder or trip without accruing an attack of opportunity.
Demanding Challenge: Challenged foe take a -2 AC to all allies when the foe is threatened by me.

Skills Bonus Conditional Modifiers
Acrobatics 10
Bluff 5
Climb 11 / 14 +2 Climbing Kit
Diplomacy 17
Handle Animal 20 +4 Involving my animal companion, +2 Outrider
Intimidate 5
Knowledge Geography 3
Knowledge Local 4
Knowledge Nature 12 +1 Savannah Child
Perception 18 +2 Keen Senses
Ride 18 / 23 +2 Military Saddle: to stay in saddle, +2 Outrider
Sence Motive 4
Stealth 5 +4 Size Modifier
Survival 5 +1 Order of the Dragon
Swim 7

Wealth: 5578 gold, 6 Silver

Gear: Holy Keen great sword or Undead Bane +2, lance (masterwork), Sling Staff(halfling), Belt of giant Str,Potions: Bull Str(3), silver sheen (2), diplacement(1), shield(4), Spider climb(1), cure serious(7), cure light(5), Agile Beast plate +2, ring of pro +1 cloak res +2, amulet of natural armor +3, ring of feather fall


Meko was born and raised among rolling plains of the savannas. He spent much of his youth exploring these vast reaches and knows many of the savanna’s secrets.

After years of rearing animal on the plains Meko found himself enslaved by a Military Noble from the Order of the Dragon who brought him to the northwestern country of Ustalav. Living among the Cavaliers as an animal handler and scout, Meko gained a wealth of military knowledge in the art of mounted combat. Years of training in the saddle has elevated Meko to a full member of the Dragon Order.

Recently there has been governmental shifts taking place in Ustalav’s. Northwestern counties know as the Palatines have brought about the freeing of many slaves. This new freedom changed Meko’s life very little. He is treated more a bother in arms by the Order of the Dragon vs. a slave.

Meko had the pleasure of working with Professor Lorrimor many times as an escort. These sometime long travels gave him time to build a lasting bond with the professor. Meko was late on his arrival to Ravengro, due to the fact he had been on assignment for the Order of the Dragon.


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