Qirnas Rockcrusher

A humble dwarf searching for the answers as to why his home was destroyed.


Str: 18(20)
Dex: 15
Con: 16(18)
Int: 10
Wis: 18(20)
Cha: 8

BAB: 9/4
Melee: 14/9
Ranged: 11/6

CMB: 18(22 grapple)
CMD: 38(35 Flat Footed) (40 vs grapple)
AC: 28 (24 Tch/ 25FF): 30 (26 Tch/ 27FF): 34 (30 Tch/ 27 FF)
+4 AC vs. against attack of opportunity
HP: 131

Fort: +12
Ref: +11
Will: +13

Int: +2
Speed: 20/60 Feet

Unarmed Strike 18/13 (FOB 19/19/14/14/9)
+1 Silver Temple Sword +15/
10 (FOB 17/17/12/12/7)
Shuriken +11/
6 (RFOB 13/13/8/8/3)
Grapple +22
Javelin +11/
6 Ranged or 10/5 Melee

Languages: Common and Dwarven

Skills: Acrobatics 18, Climb 15, Escape Artist 18, Intimidate 4, Knowledge Religion 11, Perception 17, Ride 6, Stealth 9, Swim 15

Feats: Dodge, Improved Grapple, Mobility,Snapping Turtle Style, Snapping Turtle Clutch, Snapping Turtle Shell, Weapon Focus Unarmed Strike, Improved Unarmed Strike, Monk Weapon Proficiencies, Touch of Serenity, Greater Grapple, Improved Critical (Unarmed Strike), Spider Step, Hammer the Gap

Traits: Child of the Temple, Deft Dodger


My brother and I grew up in the Stavronikita monastery, in Canterwall. It is a fertile region, watered by the Vistear River and checkered by fields and farms. We spent all of our young lives at the monastery, doing chores and training in the ways of our brotherhood.
I continued my studies in the monastic arts while my brother ventured off into the surrounding forest. I continued to develop my ability to balance my martial discipline with my mental fortitude. That is until the fateful day when our home was destroyed. That day I lost the only place I have ever truly knew as home. While we searched the ruins for any of our monastic brothers that might be alive we discovered many undead. My brother and I were the only survivors.
We discovered that the Whispering Way was in search of something in the monastery and would let nothing stand in their way.
After we left the ruins of the monastery I did a lot of soul searching. I started to question the vows that I put forth not to kill unless absolutely necessary. While it is not right to unjustly take the life of another living person how do I justly avenge the destruction of the temple and the death of my brothers. I pray to Toreg to guide me and help me discover the answer to this quandary. Until I avenge the death of the monastery I have sworn to a vow of fasting. I will find the answers I seek. I just hope that I do not lose my soul en route.

Qirnas Rockcrusher

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