Kevans Carrion Crown

The trial part 2

Proctor Jarius, may the guidance of Pharasma guide your wisdom. We are in stage 2 of the trial of the Beast of Lipedstadt. My party and I had gone to the town of Hergstog to investigate the murders of several children. We had talked to several witnesses where one informed us that the last murder the “Beast” is charged with happened after he was ran out of town. Once in the town, we discovered several wraith spawned children. We were not 100% sure until we went to Karen’s house (the girl that was killed after the “Beast” had been driven out of town) and her wraith spirit attacked us. We discovered that on top of the hill there were several children’s bodies buried in a small cave. We were attacked by the wraith that had been haunting the area. However in our destroying of the wraith, the 3 spawns that we did not kill turned into wraiths and escaped the town. If you have any documentation or know of any places that I could do research on these abominations. We returned to the trial but unable to sway the population of the “Beast’s” innocence. I feel that this trial is all but lost. The townfolk want their scapegoat and by hell or high water they will have it. I feel that tonight is going to be a long night.

A letter home

Dear Mother and Father,

My studies of magic have been small, but I can feel the heritage of my dragon blood growing in me. It guides me with my magic, while father’s training keeps my sword use tuned. I can feel that I will soon be able to harness the power that runs in my blood.

At the Professor’s funeral I met a some others, (Bastion, Draxel, Gretarial Nervac, and Meko) who were they to pay honor to him. After Professor Lorrimor’s funeral a few strange things started to happen around town. As at turned out we had to put some tormented souls to rest at Harrowstone Prison. After that we have headed to Lepidstadt to deliver a few of the Professor’s books, as per his will.

After giving one of the books to Judge Embreth Daramid, she asked that we help Barrister Gustav Kaple with his trial case. Seems a created thing (which no one knows who made it) called The Beast of Lepidstadt is on trial for 3 different things.

The first is that The Beast was stealing bodies. Our investigation lead us to the person that was really stealing the bodies. We made our case in the court and I feel that The Beast will be cleared of this charge.

The second is that The Beast killed some girls in a near by town. Heading to the now deserted town we found that the girls were killed by a wraith. Too many undead in this god awful country if you ask me. Making our case to the court I am not sure that the beast will found not guilty of this charge.

After the these two parts of the trail the townsfolk have become unset and angry. I think they are too stupid to take reason into account. We fear that a mob may be forming and they will try to kill The Beast. At the time being we are charged to protect The Beast. I fear that many townsfolk will die by my blade tonight…

Your loving Daughter,

My Failure

Proctor Jarus, I have concluded my latest work to preach the word of Pharasma and bring redeath to undead. I have failed.
We have discovered some strange happenings throughout the region. We have been hired to help the “Beast of Lipedstadt” get a fair trail. We had discovered a tainted burial grounds outside of Lepidstadt where the “Beast” had been reportedly seen killing locals. We discovered that there were several emptied graves. As well we found a bag containing the removed face of a local poacher. Whomever was here has no respect for the sanctity of life. We discovered a set of surgical tools which lead us back to the main city and on a seemingly wild goose chase to find the owner of the tools and possibly the person responsible for the desecration of the grave site. Nothing pointing to the “Beast” outside of a vague eyewitness who said that the “Beast” had wrestled with and old caiman in the swamp and took a gash out of its shoulder. I couldn’t see this “Beast” taking the time to desecrate graves as well as surgically remove someones face. It did not add up.

We traced the tools back to a man named Vorstag of Vorstag and Grimes acid company. We were turned away for an audience with Vorstag immediately at the door by this Grimes which lead us to believe that there was something more to the story. We let ourselves in and immediately we had our answer. We faced a create of unnatural construction. It hurt us badly but by the guidance of Pharasma I was able to keep the group standing. We discovered it was a construct of unnatural means. I was nervous for what we would find inside.

Once inside we found exactly why we were turned away, the owners were themselves some kind of unnatural abominations. One grew in proportion as the other seemingly disappeared from sight. After an exhausting battle we ended up besting them in combat. My comrades and I searched the building. I came upon a room which will be forever etched in my memory as my first major failure as a priest of Pharasma. The room itself was an aberration. There was a layer of water covering the floor with humanoid bodies floating. I noticed the presence of the undead and by inciting the grace of Pharasma I was able to discover that there were 2 undead which one ran away from the light of Pharasma. However the second one began to talk to me. It informed me that he was previously a monk that was turned this way by Vorstag and that he controlled them with a serum. It was helpful in letting us know that Vorstag and Grimes were flesh agents and dealt in body parts. We also discovered a body suit that was similar to the description of the “Beast” of Lipestead along with the scar of the caiman attack. So we had our evidence, praise Pharasma.
So here dear Proctor is where my failure comes in. I let them live. Against my better judgement I chose to let them exist in their zombie state along with their intelligence. I am torn in the fact this was not their choice and they helped us in our discoveries. I wish I could help them return to their previous forms but I am just not strong enough yet. At the same time I know I should have outright destroyed them for the abominations that they are. I seek penance for my sins and will resign myself to the teachings of Pharasma. I choose to dedicate my life to the destruction of those who choose to take away the will of living creature and turn them into an undead servant.
As always I am a humble servant of Pharasma,

Meko's Letter to the Order of the Dragon
Meko, Order of the Dragon

Dear Captain,
Our old friend Professor Lorrimor’s last requests are being honored. I have grouped with others who have come to show their respects to the professor. There are dark forces surrounding the professors death, that are unknown as of yet. We believe a cult group called the Whispering Way is involved. The professor has requested that we bring three tomes to his trusted colleagues in Lepidstadt.

We have delivered the tomes, but it has turned out to be more than a simple delivery. There appears to be a great injustice about to occur. My services are needed to investigate the possible wrongful prosecution of what seems to be an innocent. I will be detained until I know for sure that the Beast of Lepidstadt, as they call him, is not wrongfully executed.

Your brother in Arms,

The Investigation Begins!

Upon reaching Lepidstadt the hero’s and the Crooked Kin part ways, but the Kin let the hero’s know if they ever need local or strange information to seek our the Kins services as they hear many local tales as performers.

The group returns the books to Dr. Montagnie Crowl at the Lepidstadt University to find a strange scene. The University is a mess, having apparently been ransacked by the Beast of Lepidstadt.

They then find Judge Daramids residence. Upon returning the Manuel of the Order of the Palatine Eye to her, she employs the hero’s to insure that the Beast of Lepidstadt receives a fair trial. To do so they must find Barrister Gustav Kaple and investigate the crimes accredited to the Beast.

The Crooked Kin

The road to Lepidstadt was long and dark, till the gaudy caravan of the Crooked Kin shows itself stopped up ahead. The hero’s approached to find the circus troupe in dire need as one of their members had wandered off into the bog. Kaleb, the groups leader, employed the hero’s to investigate. Their findings were grim. The missing girl Alice had been tricked by a Phase Spider that the hero’s easily dispatched.

Returning to Kaleb and the Crooked Kin, they were rewarded with a magic dagger and agreed to accompany the caravan to Lepidstadt where the Kin planned on setting up shop for the Trial of the Beast.

The road to Lepidstadt

Our Hero’s have banished the ghosts of Harrowstone Prison and have set out to Lepidstadt to fulfill the final wishes of their late friend Petros Lorrimor. Return his collection of valuable but dangerous tomes to his colleagues in Lepidstadt.

The three books On Verified Madness, Serving Your Hunger, and The Umbral Leaves must be given to Dr. Montagnie Crowl of Lepidstadt University. While the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye must be delivered to Judge Embreth Daramid.

Asking locals of Ravengro they found the best path would be to take the old Mountain Road which follows the southeastern footills of the Tusk Mountains. They will pass through the towns of Tamrivena and Courtaud before following the Lesser Moutray River up to Lepidstadt, but who knows what they will encounter on the way as no journey in Ustalav is without risk.


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