Kevans Carrion Crown

A letter home

Dear Mother and Father,

My studies of magic have been small, but I can feel the heritage of my dragon blood growing in me. It guides me with my magic, while father’s training keeps my sword use tuned. I can feel that I will soon be able to harness the power that runs in my blood.

At the Professor’s funeral I met a some others, (Bastion, Draxel, Gretarial Nervac, and Meko) who were they to pay honor to him. After Professor Lorrimor’s funeral a few strange things started to happen around town. As at turned out we had to put some tormented souls to rest at Harrowstone Prison. After that we have headed to Lepidstadt to deliver a few of the Professor’s books, as per his will.

After giving one of the books to Judge Embreth Daramid, she asked that we help Barrister Gustav Kaple with his trial case. Seems a created thing (which no one knows who made it) called The Beast of Lepidstadt is on trial for 3 different things.

The first is that The Beast was stealing bodies. Our investigation lead us to the person that was really stealing the bodies. We made our case in the court and I feel that The Beast will be cleared of this charge.

The second is that The Beast killed some girls in a near by town. Heading to the now deserted town we found that the girls were killed by a wraith. Too many undead in this god awful country if you ask me. Making our case to the court I am not sure that the beast will found not guilty of this charge.

After the these two parts of the trail the townsfolk have become unset and angry. I think they are too stupid to take reason into account. We fear that a mob may be forming and they will try to kill The Beast. At the time being we are charged to protect The Beast. I fear that many townsfolk will die by my blade tonight…

Your loving Daughter,



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