Kevans Carrion Crown

My Failure

Proctor Jarus, I have concluded my latest work to preach the word of Pharasma and bring redeath to undead. I have failed.
We have discovered some strange happenings throughout the region. We have been hired to help the “Beast of Lipedstadt” get a fair trail. We had discovered a tainted burial grounds outside of Lepidstadt where the “Beast” had been reportedly seen killing locals. We discovered that there were several emptied graves. As well we found a bag containing the removed face of a local poacher. Whomever was here has no respect for the sanctity of life. We discovered a set of surgical tools which lead us back to the main city and on a seemingly wild goose chase to find the owner of the tools and possibly the person responsible for the desecration of the grave site. Nothing pointing to the “Beast” outside of a vague eyewitness who said that the “Beast” had wrestled with and old caiman in the swamp and took a gash out of its shoulder. I couldn’t see this “Beast” taking the time to desecrate graves as well as surgically remove someones face. It did not add up.

We traced the tools back to a man named Vorstag of Vorstag and Grimes acid company. We were turned away for an audience with Vorstag immediately at the door by this Grimes which lead us to believe that there was something more to the story. We let ourselves in and immediately we had our answer. We faced a create of unnatural construction. It hurt us badly but by the guidance of Pharasma I was able to keep the group standing. We discovered it was a construct of unnatural means. I was nervous for what we would find inside.

Once inside we found exactly why we were turned away, the owners were themselves some kind of unnatural abominations. One grew in proportion as the other seemingly disappeared from sight. After an exhausting battle we ended up besting them in combat. My comrades and I searched the building. I came upon a room which will be forever etched in my memory as my first major failure as a priest of Pharasma. The room itself was an aberration. There was a layer of water covering the floor with humanoid bodies floating. I noticed the presence of the undead and by inciting the grace of Pharasma I was able to discover that there were 2 undead which one ran away from the light of Pharasma. However the second one began to talk to me. It informed me that he was previously a monk that was turned this way by Vorstag and that he controlled them with a serum. It was helpful in letting us know that Vorstag and Grimes were flesh agents and dealt in body parts. We also discovered a body suit that was similar to the description of the “Beast” of Lipestead along with the scar of the caiman attack. So we had our evidence, praise Pharasma.
So here dear Proctor is where my failure comes in. I let them live. Against my better judgement I chose to let them exist in their zombie state along with their intelligence. I am torn in the fact this was not their choice and they helped us in our discoveries. I wish I could help them return to their previous forms but I am just not strong enough yet. At the same time I know I should have outright destroyed them for the abominations that they are. I seek penance for my sins and will resign myself to the teachings of Pharasma. I choose to dedicate my life to the destruction of those who choose to take away the will of living creature and turn them into an undead servant.
As always I am a humble servant of Pharasma,



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