Kevans Carrion Crown

The road to Lepidstadt

Our Hero’s have banished the ghosts of Harrowstone Prison and have set out to Lepidstadt to fulfill the final wishes of their late friend Petros Lorrimor. Return his collection of valuable but dangerous tomes to his colleagues in Lepidstadt.

The three books On Verified Madness, Serving Your Hunger, and The Umbral Leaves must be given to Dr. Montagnie Crowl of Lepidstadt University. While the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye must be delivered to Judge Embreth Daramid.

Asking locals of Ravengro they found the best path would be to take the old Mountain Road which follows the southeastern footills of the Tusk Mountains. They will pass through the towns of Tamrivena and Courtaud before following the Lesser Moutray River up to Lepidstadt, but who knows what they will encounter on the way as no journey in Ustalav is without risk.



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