Kevans Carrion Crown

The trial part 2

Proctor Jarius, may the guidance of Pharasma guide your wisdom. We are in stage 2 of the trial of the Beast of Lipedstadt. My party and I had gone to the town of Hergstog to investigate the murders of several children. We had talked to several witnesses where one informed us that the last murder the “Beast” is charged with happened after he was ran out of town. Once in the town, we discovered several wraith spawned children. We were not 100% sure until we went to Karen’s house (the girl that was killed after the “Beast” had been driven out of town) and her wraith spirit attacked us. We discovered that on top of the hill there were several children’s bodies buried in a small cave. We were attacked by the wraith that had been haunting the area. However in our destroying of the wraith, the 3 spawns that we did not kill turned into wraiths and escaped the town. If you have any documentation or know of any places that I could do research on these abominations. We returned to the trial but unable to sway the population of the “Beast’s” innocence. I feel that this trial is all but lost. The townfolk want their scapegoat and by hell or high water they will have it. I feel that tonight is going to be a long night.



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